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STEP 1: Create an Account


After creating your account, you will receive an activation email where you will have to verify you email address.

STEP 2: Download the Streamer

To submit your render from within your application, download and install the Render Vortex Streamer on the link below:
Render Vortex Streamer for Windows
Render Vortex Streamer for Mac - COMING SOON
Render Vortex Streamer for Linux - COMING SOON

To submit your render using the stand alone user interface, download the Render Vortex Cloud User Interface on the link below:
Render Vortex Cloud User Interface for Windows

STEP 3: Log into the Streamer

After installing the Render Vortex Streamer, login using these details:

STEP 4: Submit your Render

The videos below demonstrate the process of submitting your renders using the Render Vortex Streamer for Blender, Cinema4D, Maya, 3ds Max, as well as how to use the standalone Render Vortex Cloud User Interface.