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DISCLAIMER: Please be sure to upload all required assets and dependancies for your job as outlined in our How-To Videos. This includes but is not limited to textures, linked assets, simulation cache files, GI caches, and so forth. All files need to be linked with relative references. Please be sure to include these in your project folder. The RenderVortex streamer will upload the entire contents of your project folder so remember not to include any unnecessary files within your project folder. Uploads are limited to 20GB per job. Please contact us if this is not sufficient for your render. You will be charged for all downloaded files, please be sure to check your submission by rendering a single test frame before rendering full sequences. Please note we do not currently support baking of GI cache files, and if you are using a third party render engine, please be sure to have only one active camera in your scene and that your render camera is set within your main application. Should you have any issues or need assistance with any part of the submission process, please contact and we will happily assist you. Happy Rendering!